Bill Haley & His Comets Fotoalbum / Bill Haley & His Comets Scrapbook

CometsHaleyHollywood 56 b.jpg
unknown, Ralph Jones (drums), Rudy Pompilli (sax) Bill Haley - Hollywood 1956
early Haley c.JPG
Bill Haley (middle) with fans and his manager Jack Howard (kneeling) c. 1949
French book c.JPG
top left clockwise: Ralph Jones,Joe Oliver,Rudy Pompilli, Al Pompilli, Billy Williamson, Johnny Grande, Franny Beecher and Bill Haley (middle), Paris 1958
French book d.JPG
Al Pompilli, Johnny Grande, Ralph Jones, Rudy Pompilli, Franny Beecher, Billy Williamson, Bill Haley - Olympia, Paris, 1958
haley 70s.jpg
Bill Haley
haley elvis frankfurt 1958.JPG
Bill Haley & Elvis, Frankfurt, Germany 1958
Mal Gray Bill Haley   Vienna color.jpg
Pete Thomas, Mal Gray, Bill Haley, Jerry Tilley - Vienna, Austria
Bill Haley 1960s
star walk hollywood.JPG
Bill Haley - star walk, Hollywood, CA
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