Legendary sax honker Big Jay McNeely (USA) at the BHM 17.2.2012








Bill Turner (Comets), Gina Haley (Bill´s lovely & talented daughter), Joe Clifton (Bill Haley´s new Comets) and Pete Davenport (New Comets & Stargazers) 4.2011


Dr. Winfried Gruendel (curator of the BHM) and Gina Haley  4.2011







Mal Gray - Ex-Comet and Bill Haley´s road manager, who also wrote "I Need The Music" for Bill´s last album BHM 11.2010


Jörg Maria Berg - singer who recorded 1955 one of the earliest German versions of Rock Around The Clock - "Rund um die Uhr" as Die Optimisten . BHM 11.2010


Jörg Maria Berg (singer), Sigfried Lackner (producer) & Wolf Martis (singer) at BHM 11.2010




Special  BHM exhibition at Alfons Schuhbecks (star Chef)"Prizipal - Prinzregententheater" Munich 15.3.2010


Bill Haley´s original Comets at the BHM 18.5.2010 -Jackson Haney, Dick Richards, Joey D´Ambrosio, Lou Colbe, Dave Byrd


Bill Haley´s original Comets and some fans at the BHM 18.5.2010 - Dick Richards,?,Sandra Kettner,?,Joey D´Ambrosio, Lou Colbe, ?,?, Dave Byrd




Bill Haley´s Comets jamming with a young fan  BHM 18.5.2010


 The "Bildungswerk"  (Education Factory) a goverment  service, makes a tour through the BHM 27.11.2010







Winfried Gründel  (BHM) and Roland Kalweit (Bill Haley Revival Band) 4.2009


Pin (Anstecker) of the BHM available at the Museum shop

 Winfried Gründel & Klaus Kettner presenting their special exhibition at the "Rock Museum" Show , Olympiapark, München 5-6.2009


BHM special at the "Rock Museum" Olympiapark, München 5-6.2009


BHM special at the "Rock Museum" Olympiapark, München 5-6-2009


BHM special at the "Rock Museum" Olympiapark, München 5-6.2009





Cast of the Musical "The Bill Haley Story - Rock Around The Clock" and Winfried Gründel (kneeling middle) & Klaus Kettner (kneeling right) BHM 26.4.2009


Two of the dancers from the Bill Haley Musical goofin´ around on stage at the BHM 26.4.2009


Pete Davenport (middle) British steel guitar player with the Comets, Bill Haley´s new Comets, Stargazers, Hep Chaps,..shows his fellow musicians his early work at the BHM shop  26.4.2009





Wanda Jackson (Let´s Have A Party) and husband Wendell Goodman


Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson and husband Wendell Goodman at the BHM


Comets Bass player Marshall Lytle looks at his old stage jacket he presented to the BHM. 2008


The Comets - Jackson Haney, Marshall Lytle, Dave Byrd, Dick Richards & Joey D´Ambrosio - BHM 2.2008


Some of the Comets listen to Winfried Grüdel (BHM) explaining some of the  memorabilia at the Museum 2.2008


Comet Joey D´Ambrosio between fans looks around at the BHM- 2.2008


Bill Haley Day 28.6.2008 BHM   Roland Kalweit (Bill Haley Revival Band) and Winfried Gründel (BHM)


Bill Haley Day 28.6.2008 BHM    Waldemar Böhm, Winfried Gründel, Hank Kern, Casper & Roland Kalweit


Bill Haley Day 28.6.2008 BHM    back: Elena & Markus Krempler, Jens Böning, Roland Kalweit,Helge Landes, Winfried Gründel, Hank Kern, front: Joachim Fröhlich ,Karin & Lothar Mackenbach, Wolfgang Kühnel , Waldemar Böhm,




Bill Haley Day 28.6.2008  BHM Archive (non public)


Bill Haley Day 28.6.2008 BHM Archive (non public) Some Bill Haley collectors check out a bunch of German 10 Inch LPs.


New Comet guitar player and vocalist Jackson Haney looks at  his poster. BHM 2008




Bill Haley´s Comets - Joey D´Ambrosio, Marshal Lytle, Dick Richards & Dave Byrd, 2007


The Comets - Jackson Haney, Marshal Lytle, Dick Richards,Joey D´Ambrosio & Dave Byrd, 2007


Ex Comet Bill Turner opens the Bil-Haley-Museum 2007



Ex Comet Bill Turner with his old boss


Ex Comet Bill Turner looks at the "Gold Discs" and awards.


Bill Turner plays on stage at the Bill-Haley-Meum 2007



Bill Turner plays at the Bill-Haley-Museum 2007


Opening ceremony: Heinz-Günther Hartig (Rock & Roll Musik Magazin), Bill Turner (Comets Guitar Player), Mike Berry (Musician), Rainer Koschorz (Buddy Holly Musical), Klaus Kettner (Bill Haley Museum), Fan


Mike Berry (singer:Tribute To Buddy Holly), H.G. Hartig, are looking at  memorabilia. 2007



Fans at the Museum 2007


Paul Würges the German "Bill Haley" signes the VIP display at the pre-opening party - BHM 11.3.2007


Pre opening party at the BHM - Klaus Kettner (BHM), Marshall Lytle & Dick Richards (Comets), Winfried Gründel (BHM), Paul Würges (German "Bill Haley"), Joey D´Ambrosio (Comets) 11.3.2007



Ex Comet Bill Turner (US)  talks to Pete Anderson (Latvia) who recorded some fine Bill Haley songs himself. BHM 2007


Flyer for the opening party of the Bill-Haley-Museum 27.10.2007


Mike Berry rocks at the BHM opening party 2007




Bill Turner gives it all at the BHM opening party. He´s backed by Munichs own Marty & The Rockin´ Comets


Bill Turner jamming at the BHM while Franny Beecher, who´s job he took is "looking" over his shoulder. 27.10.2007


The BHM before it was opened. 2007

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